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    KyoChon Location: 3833 W 6th St Los Angeles, CA 90020 Phone: +12137399292
  • Alice S.

    Alice S.

    Great place we stopped by to get a snack. $9 for 8 pieces of wings; we got the honey flavor and sweet and hot flavor, split. It also comes with a bowl of radish. It didn't take long for our hot and freshly fried wings to come out. I loved the crunchy breaded honey wings, while the sweet and hot wings challenged my taste buds. We were actually quite above satisfied at the end of our meal. All this took less than 40 mins.
  • Robin L.

    Robin L.

    i love their spicy wings.

    love love love'em.

    expensive, but worth it.
  • Florence M.

    Florence M.

    I love how this place is down the street from my house. The chicken itself is really good. I usually get the sampler of about 8. It comes with potato wedges and any flavors of the chicken. My favorite is the honey and soy garlic. I don't recommend the spicy at all because you will not even enjoy it. It's too hot!!!!! The prices here are not that bad. I'm pretty sure I got the 8 pieces for like $10. But they also have salad and bowls. Not too many options except wings.

    The service here is terrible. Specially on a busy night, they literally will forget about you. Some don't even smile at you. They barely check up on you. And I mean cmon it's not a big restaurant where they can't see you at all. They literally can only fit about 15 people so it's not even that bad. So if your looking for some good wings I recommend this place but maybe it's best to just take it to go cause the service sucks.
  • Ehren Y.

    Ehren Y.

    The experience was just BAD.

    Came in with a group of 5. They didn't have enough seating for us, so we were sat at the "Togo" pick up area which was fine.

    The server took down our orders, most of us got the half/half of spicy and garlic wings, potato wedges, and rice.

    The wedges came out first...not our water or drinks. We had to ask for it again. =

    All of my friends foods came out...minus mine. I was giving it some time just in case mine was "about" to come out. 15 min had past...and a server asked "was I waiting for food"

    And of course, I replied "I'm waiting for my order of wings"

    So I watched them put the order just then. Mindful that my friends are almost done eating.

    I got my food and the wings were "alright" 3 out of 10 at best. From what I had from my past Korean style chicken wings.

    The servers never really payed attention to us, and their was 5 of them just standing around gossiping about the night before and cursing loudly.

    When we were done eating, we were asked if we want to pay up front or want the check. Well, we were sitting right in front of the register so I guess we will pay up front???

    So after, we were asked what we had ordered? Not once, or twice, but several times. Like really??? Did you not write it down, did you not put in our orders!?!

    Lastly, as we were paying. They asked if we wanted to box up our leftovers (2-3 wings at most). They could have asked that before we were on our way out??

    Overall Experience , TERRIBLE! First and last time I'm going to this place and will never recommend this place to anyone.

    You would think with 1200+ reviews with majority about SERVICE. They would get their act together. Just saying. =)

    - NA

    -terrible service
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